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South Hills Eye Associates makes your vision and ocular health our number one priority. We offer comprehensive services, advanced technology, and the latest procedures to meet your needs.

Eye Examinations

The key to good ocular health is regular ophthalmic examinations. We offer two types of office examinations; the medical eye examination and the Vision Benefit examination. The medical evaluation includes assessment of best corrected vision (usually a test for glasses is done), eyelid and external tissues, pupil function, testing for glaucoma, a slit lamp examination of the front of the eye, checking ocular alignment, visual field function, and a detailed look at the retina (usually the pupils are dilated). The medical evaluation requires a detailed history, thorough examination, medical counseling and planning, and sometimes coordination with other physicians. This is the type of eye appointment that you would schedule if you have diabetes, cataracts, any other known ophthalmic problems or diseases in your body that can have ocular manifestations. The medical eye examinations are performed by the Ophthalmologists/Medical Doctors.

In contrast to the medical eye examination, we also offer Vision Benefit Examinations. These basic/well eye exams involve testing for glasses and/or contact lenses, as well as an examination to look for ocular disease. If problems are found, then the patient is asked to return for further evaluation and testing using the medical insurance. The Doctor of Optometry performs most of the Vision Benefit Examinations.

Below is an incomplete list of our services. We are confident that we can help you with whatever ocular problem that you may be having.

  • Cataract diagnosis and surgery using advanced techniques and lens implants.
  • Laser Vision Correction (LASIK, PRK, Custom treatments, Intralase/No Blade LASIK).
  • Diabetic eye examinations, medical and laser treatments.
  • Macular Degeneration diagnosis and treatment.
  • Glaucoma, diagnosis, medical, laser and surgical treatment.
  • Contact Lens Fitting and Eyeglass Prescriptions filled at both offices.
  • Dry Eye treatment.
  • Corneal Disorders (infections, Keratoconus, Pterygium, irregular astigmatism).
  • Eye Trauma and treatment of injuries.
  • Eyelid disorders and surgery.
  • Medical and Surgical treatment for strabismus/crossed eyes.
  • Double vision.

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